Raquel is a Psychologist and Ethologist with a Masters Degree from the University of Zaragoza (Spain). She is also a Dog Trainer and a Veterinary Assistant specialized in Dog Physiotherapy with years of experience in these fields in Spain.

As a Dog Trainer and Ethologist, Raquel can help you with any behavior that has come problematic for you or your dog, such as:

Excessive barking;
Compulsive or repetitive behaviour; and
Aggressive or over-reactive behaviour

The best way to prevent many behavioural problems is to have information about our dog´s needs and their understanding of the world from a cognitive and emotional perspective. Raquel truly believes that any dog owner, with the right information and a very basic training, can correct behavioural problems or even avoid them before they arise.

Raquel also offers the following services for new dog owners and those willing to learn more about their dogs, whatever their age:

Puppy socialisation;
Basic obedience;
Environmental enrichment;
Dog calming signals and body language; and
Calming massage techniques

Your dog´s quality of life can be improved through a better understanding of their nature. Whether your dog shows a problematic behavior for you, you want to prevent problems before they occur or you simply want to improve your dog's wellbeing, please contact Raquel:

Email: raquelalonso_r@yahoo.es

Tel: 07797 765990

Pet Angels are happy to be able to recommend Raquel Alonso to anyone looking for help with dog training or with any aspect of their dog's behaviour.